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Swimming Movies That You Will Love

No matter if you’re an accomplished swimmer or just enjoy watching films about swimming, there is sure to be a movie that inspires you. Here are some great picks.

Based on a true story, Pride follows the journey of an African-American swim coach in Philadelphia as he transforms the lives of a team of troubled kids through coaching.


Based on the true story of a coach and his underdog athletes, Pride is an inspirational movie that will motivate you to believe in yourself. It also stresses the value of hard work and following your dreams.

In a world that often seems aimless and without direction, Pride offers you guidance to live a more meaningful life by teaching respect, discipline, and dedication to something you truly believe in. This movie will give you the courage to conquer your fears and pursue your aspirations – just as the athletes featured in Pride did.

This movie tackles race head-on from the start, as Jim Ellis (Terrence Howard), an African American swimmer, faces discrimination at a swim meet due to his race. Later he must contend with racism both inside and outside of the pool when he becomes coach for Philadelphia Department of Recreation’s first black swim team.

He brings together a diverse group of teens from different backgrounds and lifestyles, yet they manage to achieve something no other team has been able to do. Through hard work and determination, they reach their goal of becoming state-wide swimming champions.

Though the movie centers around a swim team, the lessons taught by these kids will inspire you to live a more meaningful life. They will guide you in becoming patient and kind towards others, treating everyone as an equal.

Terrence Howard does a remarkable job as the coach who helps the teens realize their potential. His performance is captivating and poignant, even when dealing with racial issues in the film. Other than Howard, the cast is strong with several recognizable actors you will recognize from previous roles.

Kimberly Elise stars as Sue Davis, a city counselor who falls for Elston (Bernie Mac). Other cast members include Tom Arnold as Bink, Diana Ross’ son Evan as Reggie and Alphonso McCauley as bucktoothed Bucky – an awkward dork.

Swim Team

Swimming movies offer an invaluable resource for swimmers of any ability level or just fans to learn more about the sport and stay motivated. These movies showcase stories of swimmers who overcame challenges to reach their goals and aspirations.

One of the greatest swimming movies, Swim Team, follows a competitive swimming team featuring young men with autism. This film showcases their amazing journey as they strive to fulfill their dreams and become successful adults – an uplifting and inspirational film you and your family will surely love!

You can watch Age of Champions, a movie that profiles older athletes competing in multiple sports. It also examines how they manage their injuries and difficulties during training.

Another great swimming movie is Blind Horizon, which follows paralympic medalist Enhamed after being blinded at eight years old. This documentary chronicles how he found his passion for swimming and eventually became a professional swimmer.

This is an inspiring swimming movie you can show your children to help them gain knowledge about different types of swimmers and what it means to be a champion. This inspirational documentary will motivate your little ones to work hard in order to realize their aspirations!

When it comes to swimming movies, there are plenty of inspiring choices for children. This movie will demonstrate that even disabled individuals can achieve success if they work hard enough and strive for it.

This movie’s parents face many hardships, yet they remain supportive and strive to do what they can for their sons’ well-being. This is especially important as these children have special needs; it is their parents who will guide them towards reaching their potentials.

These parents serve as an inspirational example of how caring people can transform the world for the better. They provide their kids with support and teach them valuable lessons on becoming a better individual. Their strength and determination inspire us all; these are people that we should strive to emulate. These are truly remarkable individuals – these are role models to aspire to be like.

Age of Champions

Age of Champions is an award-winning movie that you will adore. It follows a group of senior athletes as they compete in the National Senior Olympics. The Washington Post called it “infectiously inspiring,” and theatergoers across America are falling in love with this lighthearted take on growing older.

This story follows five competitors – a 100-year-old tennis champion, an 86-year-old pole vaulter, two competitive swimmers (both 88 years old), and a team of basketball grandmothers. These athletes are all facing their age with grace, humor, and optimism as they strive to surpass these limitations.

Another swimming movie you might enjoy is Big River Man, which follows a man as he attempts to swim the length of the Amazon River in one go despite facing obstacles like crocodiles and snakes along the way. Despite these setbacks, he manages to finish his mission successfully.

One more movie you’re sure to enjoy is Touch the Wall, which follows Missy Franklin, a talented swimmer whose career is progressing nicely. But she struggles with getting what she needs for success so she turns to swimming coach Kara Lynn Joyce for assistance. If you’re searching for an inspiring swimming documentary, this one’s perfect and available online free of charge!

Diverse swimming movies exist, and it can be hard to decide which ones to watch. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best films about swimming that you’re sure to enjoy. These films will motivate you to become an even better swimmer and show you some of the challenges faced by professional swimmers.

Finally, The Water Is My Sky is a documentary following three swimmers. This movie, entitled The Water Is My Sky, provides an inspiring depiction of the difficult journey swimmers must endure. It is divided into three sections – one for past Olympians, one for current professionals and one for high schoolers with aspirations of becoming elite swimmers.

Many may be intimidated to take up swimming, but it can be an incredibly rewarding sport that improves health and fitness levels. You can learn a great deal about this exciting sport from watching swimming movies and documentaries – so make sure you watch some!


Swimming has a vibrant community, and many movies have been inspired by it. Whether you are an accomplished swimmer or simply enjoy watching movies about water activities, these films will motivate you to get in the pool and chase after your dreams.

Unfiltered is a movie that follows two Olympic swimmers as they compete against one another. For any swimming fan, Unfiltered offers an insight into the world of Olympic competition as well as an appreciation of the sacrifices these athletes have made.

In addition, the movie delves into the relationships between these two athletes as they strive to become an Olympic team. It’s an insightful look into their personal struggles outside of competition and how they manage to maintain their bond.

This movie is a must-watch for all fans of synchronized swimming. It tells the true story of a man who moved to Sweden without knowing the language but eventually took up synchronized swimming as his passion.

Fans of historical films must watch this classic. It follows the story of a group of Jewish women who swim together during the 1930s. Though forced apart due to Hitler’s rise, they eventually reunite years later.

In addition to its inspiring story, this film is ideal for relaxing after a long training session or meet. It conveys an important message about family and teamwork.

Another amazing movie about a competitive swimmer is Missy Franklin. It’s an inspiring and motivating movie that will leave you wanting to take up swimming for life.

In this movie, you’ll witness her triumph over her insecurities and lack of self-assurance. This will inspire you to realize that even if your body isn’t ideal, you can still achieve whatever goal you set your mind to.

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