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The Cast of Drop Dead Fred

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Cronin (Phoebe Cates) divorces her yuppie-rotter husband Charles and returns home to Polly (Marsha Mason). There, Polly opens a taped-shut jack-in-the-box and releases Fred into the world.

Fred is a mischievous jester-like character who has lived in Lizzie’s jack-in-the-box since she was young. As time passes, his antics begin to cause havoc in Lizzie’s life.

Phoebe Cates

Phoebe Cates is an actress who began her career in the early 1980s. Her film credits include Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Paradise and Private School. Later, she chose to focus on family responsibilities and business ventures instead of acting.

She was born July 16, 1963 in New York City, of Russian Jewish and Chinese descent. Her father Joseph and mother Lily are Broadway producers; additionally, she had an uncle named Gilbert Cates who was a pioneering television pioneer.

In addition to acting, she is also a singer and model. She is married to actor Kevin Kline and has two children.

Phoebe Cates was an acclaimed actress who starred in 16 movies over 12 years, including Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Gremlins. She achieved fame during the 1980s but has since retired from acting.

Drop Dead Fred is a 1991 black comedy fantasy film directed by Ate de Jong and starring Phoebe Cates and Rik Mayall. It follows Elizabeth Cronin (Phoebe Cates), an adult who develops an imaginary friend named Fred; this leads her to experience intense nightmares throughout adulthood.

It is a dark comedy with an intriguing concept. It follows Elizabeth Cronin (Phoebe Ciates), as her anarchic imaginary friend Fred (Mark Strong). As a child, Elizabeth met Fred but the friendship didn’t last. However, when she matures and experiences emotional difficulties later in life, Fred comes back to help her out.

It is an exceptional movie with many distinct elements that set it apart. A must-see for movie buffs of all ages, this comedy-filled masterpiece will surely delight those seeking some light entertainment and fun.

Rik Mayall

Rik Mayall, a British comedian best known for his role as The Young Ones on the hit 80s sitcom The Young Ones, has passed away. He was 56 years old and discovered dead at his home in London on Monday morning.

He was a member of the Comic Strip group of alternative British comedy stars that included Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders and Robbie Coltrane. Along with writing partner Adrian Edmondson, he also featured in the surrealistic series Bottom alongside other familiar names from British TV.

In Drop Dead Fred, Rik Mayall’s animated imaginary friend Drop Dead Fred (Rik Mayall) returns to life and alters the lives of an unhappy married couple: Elizabeth Cronin (Phoebe Cates) and Charles (Paul Anderson). Upon awakening from her nap, Elizabeth is immediately captivated by Fred as he promises her help in getting through her depression.

But as the film progresses, it becomes apparent that Fred is a delusional messiah who is orchestrating an array of disastrous events. She dumps her husband and must move in with her emotionally abusive mother (Marsha Mason), steals her husband’s purse and car, then gets fired from her job.

Though it can be easy to feel tense while watching Drop Dead Fred, you never forget that this is an absurdist fable, one which takes common psychiatric themes such as absent representation of abuse, mental illness and imaginary friends and twists them into something humorous yet subversive. Director Ate de Jong (The House on Haunted Hill, The Green Mansions) and star Mayall work together in creating this offbeat feel.

It’s a movie that deserves to be reevaluated for its sophisticated black comic exploration of anxiety and depression. Additionally, it serves as an excellent example of how an actor can work with a writer to craft something fresh while keeping things grounded in familiar territory.

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher is best known for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise, but she had a distinguished acting career that encompassed films and TV shows alike. Additionally, Carrie wrote screenplays for several films and series throughout her career.

Her acting credits include the 1991 black comedy-fantasy Drop Dead Fred, which follows an unhappy housewife named Lizzie Cronin (Phoebe Cates) as she finds solace in reunion with her imaginary childhood friend Fred. Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, this film has since become a cult classic for its surreal tone and vibrant energy.

Lizzie’s emotional turmoil grows, Fred comes to her aid in various ways. He plays an integral part in both her marriage and family life, yet has also turned into something of a nemesis for her; causing chaos around the house and neighborhood without anyone else being able to see him but Elizabeth.

Lizzie, now 18, visits a psychiatrist to discover that her imaginary friend suffers from serious psychological disorder. She is diagnosed with “imaginary friend syndrome.” It’s up to Lizzie to uncover what’s going on and assist her friends in dealing with their problems.

At this point, Lizzie reconnects with her childhood friend Mickey Bunce (Ron Eldard). He is patient with her and finds Lizzie’s Fred-related troubles to be harmless. Ultimately, she leaves Charles behind and attempts to move on with her life.

She also helps her mother Polly (Marsha Mason) overcome her anger with her. It’s a difficult task, but eventually they come around. However, Polly still holds some regressive views about their relationship.

Ron Eldard

Ron Eldard has had a renowned career on stage, television and in feature films. His roles as paramedics in films like True Love and ER have earned him widespread recognition.

In Drop Dead Fred, Elizabeth Banks stars as an imaginary friend who helps her cope with her childhood traumas. This slapstick comedy attempts to convey the importance of staying true to yourself; its offensive and vulgar content may be too much for some viewers but it’s still enjoyable to watch nonetheless.

Elizabeth (Phoebe Cates) returns home after divorcing her husband Charles (Tim Matheson). There, her domineering mother Polly (Marsha Mason) takes control and opens a locked jack-in-the-box to reveal an old imaginary friend named Drop Dead Fred that had been taped shut for years.

Fred is a mischievous and obnoxious child who helps Elizabeth cope with her traumatic childhood experiences. Additionally, he provides her with self-esteem and confidence as an adult.

This classic of slapstick comedy was a huge hit with audiences that discovered it on VHS. Initially made as a parody of British comedic performers, the movie has since gained notoriety for its distinctive style and Fred’s sharp characterization.

It may be a bit too intense for some younger viewers, and there are several inappropriate moments. Nonetheless, this well-made film features excellent acting from Cates and Mayall.

The film attempts to address various themes, such as abuse, mental illness and madness; however these topics are never explored in depth. Thus, it comes across more like a lighthearted slapstick comedy than anything serious.

Tim Matheson

Tim Matheson has been an actor since the 1960s. His first role was in Window on Main Street, followed by roles on television shows like My Three Sons and Leave it to Beaver. Additionally, he has voiced several animated movies and series, including Jonny Quest as its title character. Furthermore, Tim directed several episodes of Third Watch, Ed, The Twilight Zone, Cold Case, and Criminal Minds during that period.

In Drop Dead Fred, he plays the role of Fred, an imaginary friend that Lizzie accidentally liberates from a jack-in-the-box she had taped shut since childhood. He then attempts to cheer her up by creating havoc in her life.

Fred is not exactly a kind and understanding imaginary friend; he calls Lizzie Snotface and tracks dog feces all over her mom’s freshly-soaped carpet. Additionally, Fred sinks Janie’s houseboat and causes a small riot during dinner with an overly-emotional Mickey.

His anarchic behavior may be hard to stomach if you’re unfamiliar with it, but the film’s playful, imaginative take on mental illness and abuse make it a true gem for fans of post-punk comedy. Despite its dated humor, Drop Dead Fred still has plenty to say about creativity and staying true to yourself.

Phoebe Cates stars as Elizabeth, a young woman who’s recently separated from her husband and moved back in with her mother Polly (Marsha Mason). When Fred returns unexpectedly to her life, Lizzie must reexamine their relationship as well as confront emotional abuse suffered as a child. Ultimately, Lizzie must decide whether to let this past return or accept that becoming an adult requires acceptance no matter how crazy her mother may be.

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