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What Does Jason From ‘Smothered’ Do For a Living?

Jason Ihle, star of “sMothered”, is no stranger to the spotlight. However, he also maintains an intense sense of privacy.

He rarely posts to social media platforms. That’s why you won’t find him on Instagram.

1. He’s a real estate agent

Jason from Smothered is an intensely private individual and often avoids discussing his career or any significant details regarding his education.

Fans of sMothered have noticed that Angelica’s mom Sunhe has been a major source of conflict for them since Season 1. She tends to get overly invested in their relationship and becomes irritated when Jason wants to leave for work.

Recently, Jason and Sunhe got into an argument after she demanded that he bathe their granddaughter Amara alone. Jason demanded she stop interfering in his life but Sunhe wasn’t satisfied with his response and wanted him to move out of their home for Amara’s sake – this isn’t the first time she’s taken it to this extreme.

2. He’s a chef

Jason is unlike many other reality TV stars in that he keeps his job very private. Additionally, he’s an accomplished chef.

Jason has extensive restaurant experience, having worked in multiple establishments. As a chef, his skillset extends beyond staff training and ordering to inventory management, menu planning and event management.

He recently earned certification as a plant-based cook instructor and has worked with numerous restaurants that serve vegan or vegetarian cuisine.

Sunhe and Angelica Michaux have a daughter together named Amara. However, Sunhe hasn’t been particularly supportive of their relationship, which makes things difficult for both of them.

3. He’s a carpenter

Jason enjoys spending his free time with his family and watching television shows such as Smothered.

Are you seeking a rewarding career that tests your skills? Carpentry could be the ideal fit. This job necessitates creativity, precision and numeracy – qualities highly sought-after by those seeking such positions.

A carpenter may work for a variety of employers, such as residential and commercial buildings. Furthermore, they might be involved in repairs and restoration projects on historic buildings.

Angelica and Jason have persevered through many hardships, even with the help of his overbearing mother. Their relationship is currently on the upswing after the birth of their daughter Amara Jael.

4. He’s a plumber

Plumbers are tradesmen that install and maintain plumbing systems. They work in all sorts of places from homes to factories, with tasks ranging from installing large water lines to unclogging pipes and fixing faucets that work.

As the name implies, plumbing is a challenging profession that necessitates skill, tenacity and an acute eye for detail. Additionally, successful plumbers must be hard workers who may need to put in long hours on the job in order to guarantee everything gets done correctly. A high school diploma or equivalent certificate as well as a license to work independently are the minimum requirements for this entry-level position. Fortunately, there are plenty of online resources to help you find the ideal plumber for your needs; according to Bureau of Labor Statistics this profession is expected to grow by 15% between 2016-2026.

5. He’s a fitness trainer

Jason spends his spare time not directing sMothered but instead training clients and managing Rise Nation. He works with individuals of all shapes, sizes, and ages to help them reach their fitness goals.

He takes time to assess each patient’s health history, objectives and what drives them to make positive changes in their lives. Then he crafts tailored workout programs to help them reach those fitness milestones.

The fitness trainer also instructs his clients how to create an effective, enjoyable fitness regimen. By doing so, they become stronger, healthier, and shed those unwanted pounds.

Jason and Angelica have been happily together for five years despite his mother’s attempts to separate the couple. Now parents to a daughter named Amara, they are gearing up for their upcoming nuptials! It looks like this happy family will be complete!

6. He’s a musician

Jason is an incredibly gifted musician, often performing at different locations throughout the year. His eclectic musical influences inform his unique style of composition.

He has several live gigs scheduled in Key West and loves performing for his fans. Be sure to take a look at his schedule and secure yourself a ticket today!

He enjoys a large following and has been around for some time. He enjoys sharing his music with the world, but also believes in upholding the integrity of each song.

7. He’s a photographer

Jason is a photographer who enjoys capturing moments on the street. He uses black and white photography to transform everyday objects into something more dramatic and intriguing.

He shares his expertise by hosting workshops and teachings online. You can even sign up for one of his monthly Q&A sessions to get all your questions answered live!

He also enjoys taking photos of people to show off their individuality and beauty.

Over the years, he has refined his techniques and created a portfolio that showcases his ability to capture light and composition perfectly. His work has earned him awards, testament to his passion for photography.

8. He’s a writer

Over the course of several seasons of sMothered, Angelica Michaux and her partner Jason Ihle have faced a great deal of difficulty. Part of their issues stemmed from their complicated relationship with their respective mothers.

Jason seems to be doing quite well for himself despite all of the difficulties. Recently, he decided to pursue a Masters degree program in music.

He works as a bartender and enjoys sharing his skills on social media platforms. His favorite cocktail is the Sazarac, which blends French culture with American rye whiskey.

Jason doesn’t often discuss it, but his political views are quite conservative. He once declared that he “side[d] 91% with Mitt Romney.”

9. He’s a bartender

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They create drink menus and inform customers about new drinks and specials. Furthermore, they know which brands of alcohol are in stock and which ingredients may need substitution without compromising quality.

Jason and Angelica are still together, and it appears they’re much happier now than before Amara was born. While there were many challenges along the way, it’s clear they made it work. Here’s to hoping they stay a happy couple for many more years to come!

10. He’s a massage therapist

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