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What Happened to Jess in the Dark Season 3?

In the Dark has had an extraordinary journey over its three seasons. As a crime drama, it places its characters in some of the most dire circumstances you can imagine.

One of the most captivating arcs on the show is that of Jess Damon, played by Brooke Markham. She’s been a major character since season one and helped protect her best friend Murphy after Nia Bailey was killed out of self-preservation.

In the Dark Season 3

What happened to Jess in the Dark season 3 is a pressing concern among fans. During that third season, she was seen getting knocked out and dragged away from a car, prompting many to worry that she may have passed away.

Jess eventually returned to a low-key job at a pet shop and began communicating with Murphy again, despite their toxic friendship which had kept them apart for almost a year.

Jess remains on the run throughout season 3, making some strange decisions to try to gain her freedom. For instance, she confronts a homicidal drug dealer in an effort to gain back her freedom; furthermore, she even attempts to use Jennifer Walker – the identity Jess stole after Nia Bailey’s murder – as her identity.

After much controversy, she was eventually discovered and it appears as if she may have been arrested. It remains uncertain whether Nia was actually murdered – if so, what will become of her in the dark?

Season 3 of In the Dark ended on an exciting cliffhanger, leaving us eager to find out what will happen next. While there was only one episode left in the series, it looks like many issues will be finally addressed.

At the end of this season, Brooke Markham’s contract with In the Dark expires and fans are wondering if she’ll depart the series. After three seasons, it appears likely that she will depart after this one.

On In the Dark season 3, Max (Casey Deidrick) also perished. He was Murphy’s love interest, with a relationship that was somewhat in and out of focus.

After their on-screen relationship was exposed as toxic, it appears unlikely that Murphy and Max will ever come together. Instead, they both need to take a break from each other and focus on improving their relationships with others. This could be an opportunity for each of them to gain insight into who they are as individuals and what goals they have in life.

In the Dark Season 4

In February, The CW series In the Dark was renewed for a fourth season – but what became of Jess? She played an integral role in the show and is beloved by viewers.

The third season of the series focused on a mystery that revolved around Jess, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The truth behind her disappearance will play an integral role in the fourth season.

Fans must wait until the end of season 4 to discover what really happened to Jess in the Dark. Here’s what transpired during season 3.

On the third episode of In the Dark, Murphy discovers her friend Tyson Parker dead and embarks on a quest to uncover what caused his passing. Additionally, she embarks on a search to locate her best friend Jessica who has been missing for some time.

Through the third season, viewers discovered more about Jessica’s tragic past. She was a lesbian who had killed Nia Bailey to save her friend. Additionally, Jessica worked at both a pet store and as a veterinarian.

At the end of season three, Jessica faked her own death in order to avoid detection by police. To hide her true identity, Jessica even started working at a pet shop.

She wanted to move on with her life, but unfortunately her plan failed and Max tragically died in the penultimate episode of the season.

The season finale of In the Dark left us with an unsatisfying conclusion, yet it still had a powerful message. It showcased how much Jess cares for her friend and wanted to keep their bond strong.

She had grown increasingly attached to her friend as the season progressed, so when she learned of his passing, it made her realize how much she had lost.

But that doesn’t mean she can’t learn from her errors. In the upcoming episodes of In the Dark, we’ll see her take a hard look at her actions and how they affected others; additionally, she takes time off drugs in order to focus on personal matters and face her demons head-on.

In the Dark Season 5

Fans have been left hanging by the fate of Jess Damon (Brooke Markham) during Season 3. Many speculated whether she had been killed off during that process, yet no definitive answers have been provided.

On In the Dark, Jessica Damon is Murphy Mason’s close friend and roommate; she assists her with many informal situations. Additionally, Jessica works at Guiding Hope as a vet with Felix as part of their staff. Furthermore, Jessica identifies as lesbian and has an ongoing relationship with Sterling who works for Nia Bailey.

Over the years, her friendship with Murphy had become toxic, so when she disappeared in the 13th episode of season 3 (airing October 14), it didn’t come as a shock to fans.

What exactly has happened to the rest of the group in the season finale remains uncertain, and whether or not they will survive this final arc. There’s always a chance they could come together again and continue their journey on the run together.

Good news: The CW has renewed In the Dark for a third season! That comes just five months after its first season ended, suggesting we could potentially see another installment soon!

It’s no shock that The CW has renewed In the Dark for another season. While it remains uncertain when or if The CW will end their beloved drama, there’s always the possibility they could give it one last shot this summer!

Over its three seasons, the show has grown darker but remains an entertaining watch. It’s a crime drama with great character development and a vibrant ensemble cast.

In the Dark follows a hard-drinking, smoking blind woman as she stumbles upon a dead body and becomes obsessed with discovering what happened to her friend Tyson who saved her from an assailant. The drama boasts an impressive cast, including Perry Mattfeld and Brooke Markham; however, it’s the chemistry between characters that makes this series such a success.

In the Dark Season 6

The third season of CW show In the Dark has aired on Netflix and fans are curious as to what happened to Jess Damon. During the early episodes, she was knocked out and pulled away from Murphy, leaving viewers uncertain whether she was dead or alive. However, in episode 6 of season 3, it was revealed that Jess is still alive and on the run.

Brooke Markham portrays Jess Damon on the show, who is a close friend to Murphy Mason and often assists her with her disability-related adventures. Additionally, she works as a vet at Guiding Hope.

Corinne Kingsbury created In the Dark, an American crime drama television series for The CW that follows Murphy Mason (Perry Mattfeld), a visually impaired twenty-year-old who struggles with love interests, murder cases and drug runs on a daily basis.

As a senior staff writer for TV Fanatic, I’m an avid fan of all types of shows. From complex characters to captivating duos, I’m always up for an engaging narrative with plenty of drama thrown in.

Given all of this, I’m beyond thrilled for the upcoming fourth season of In the Dark! This show has been one of my absolute favorites since its very first episode, and I can’t wait to see what fates have in store for Murphy this time around!

One of my favorite aspects of In the Dark is how much it focuses on Murphy and her dog, Pretzel. It’s truly captivating to witness their bond, with Murphy often found getting down on her knees to give him a hug when not solving cases. It truly captures what it’s like for them both to be together.

Fans have had mixed opinions regarding the series finale. Some claim it retconned everything, while others seem more confused and believe it to be an excellent ending.

At the conclusion of the episode, Murphy is arrested for a murder she didn’t commit. At the same time, she informs Sarah Barnes of her mistake about Jennifer Walker; even giving her location and confessing to having helped one person.

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