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What Movies Has Todd Chrisley Been in?

Todd Chrisley, star of USA Network’s docusoap/reality show Chrisley Knows Best (2014-), is an acclaimed self-made millionaire who has endured both financial highs and lows in his life. Additionally, he’s a father and entrepreneur who has achieved remarkable things throughout his life.

Recently, reality TV star and his wife Julie were found guilty of bank fraud and tax evasion. Now they face lengthy prison sentences as a result.

1. Chrisley Knows Best (TV Series)

The USA Network’s “Chrisley Knows Best” is a reality show that follows the life of Georgia real estate mogul Todd Chrisley and his family. Since its debut on March 11, 2014, it has aired 100 episodes.

The series follows the Chrisley family, including their children Savannah and Chase, in their daily lives. Unfortunately, several members of their clan are in prison – Todd and Julie serving prison terms for bank fraud and tax evasion respectively.

Last summer, Chrisley was found guilty of bank and tax fraud during a trial and received 12 years in prison for his actions; Julie received seven years. Soon enough, both will begin serving their sentences.

On a new episode of Chrisley Knows Best, which airs Monday on USA Network without any fanfare or promotion, Julie confronts Todd over his behavior. She claims he’s leaving her feeling stressed and unsettled in their relationship.

Though entertaining, the episode is also predictable and cheesy. Viewers of the reality TV show may be disappointed in this new installment which lacks any reference to Chrisleys’ conviction or sentencing.

Therefore, the episode isn’t worth watching for its storyline alone. Nonetheless, Todd Chrisley’s outrageous antics and those of his family make for great entertainment.

On the show, Todd has earned a reputation as an overly controlling father who closely watches over his children’s activities and installs tracking devices in their vehicles. Additionally, he has stringent rules for his daughter Savannah.

One such rule requires her to wear a plastic rain bonnet while at school in order to prevent lice infestation. Furthermore, she must use an effective mixture for repelling lice before attending friends’ sleepovers.

2. Infinite Love (Single)

Todd Chrisley is a Southern dad with an irreverent attitude who achieved stardom on the hit show Chrisley Knows Best. But his journey as a family man has been full of ups and downs, including financial success and failure, as well as an emotionally charged divorce.

As such, the Chrisley family is no stranger to controversy. In one Season 8 episode, Todd’s hypochondriac tendencies became so out of control that he rented a hyberbaric chamber and started receiving IV treatments to improve his health. This led to an extensive lawsuit against him; during which Todd admitted taking drastic measures in an effort to make his family feel at home.

He hasn’t always set an example of being a good parent. In addition to his television appearances, Chrisley has even been accused of tax evasion in Georgia, where the Chrisleys used to reside.

Chrisley has achieved great success as a TV star and recording artist, releasing multiple albums of his original music. One such track, entitled “Infinite Love,” reached number one on Billboard charts worldwide.

The album presents two contrasting songs, the first of which utilizes heavy reverb and echo for a slightly spacey atmosphere. Conversely, the second track, “Uh Oh,” is more upbeat and techno-heavy.

Wong’s guitarwork on Infinite Love is surprisingly intricate, featuring lots of bending, looping and delay effects. It also manages to capture buoyant melodies alongside murky washes of distortion. Although not a long record, Infinite Love provides plenty of enjoyment as an album that stands out in an increasingly crowded music scene. Wong has certainly succeeded in doing just that with this record.

3. Infinite Love (Single with Sara Evans)

Sara Evans is a country music singer-songwriter with an expressive voice and twangy style. Her hit songs from the 2000s include Born to Fly, Restless and Real Fine Place. Born in New Franklin, Missouri, Evans began singing with her siblings in their band – The Evans Family Band. When Sara moved to Nashville in 1991, she pursued a career as a country music singer-songwriter.

Her debut album, Three Chords and the Truth, was released in 1997 and featured top ten singles “As If” and a duet with Vince Gill entitled “I’m In The Country.”

Sara Evans achieved fame during the early 2000s, but took several years off from recording to focus on her family life. In 2008 she released a Greatest Hits package and then returned to recording with the release of her sixth studio album, Stronger, in 2011.

In 2016, Sara Evans surprised Todd Chrisley with a song entitled “Infinite Love,” written specifically for Julie’s birthday. This duet was recorded as Todd’s way of giving his wife something that would mean more than any material object could.

When it comes to the Chrisley family, they’re known for their eccentric ways. During Season 8, Todd rents a hyperbaric chamber and receives IV treatments in an effort to improve his health; this causes concern among his family members who feel as if their father is being isolated from them.

Chrisleys have always strived to set an example for their children, even in the face of difficulties. They emphasize hard work and determination as essential ingredients for success while remaining positive – even when failure happens – so long as it doesn’t bring you down.

4. Love & War (Single)

Todd Chrisley has also ventured into music and recording. In 2016, he released the single “Infinite Love,” featuring Sara Evans on vocals.

He possesses a powerful singing voice, and has collaborated with his mother Faye in an a cappella group. Additionally, he runs his own music production company.

Todd is a chronic hypochondriac and often overdiagnoses himself, leading his family members to become impatient with him. In one episode, he sprays granddaughter Chloe’s hair with something to get rid of lice – but she quickly complains about how foul-smelling it smells.

In another episode, Grayson and Julie join a charity that modifies houses to make them more accessible for people with disabilities or special needs. Additionally, the family helps care for Sunshine the hedgehog belonging to Grayson’s friend Chris.

Todd and the family spend two days at a dude ranch for Grayson’s birthday, but Todd is dismayed that they must do chores before eating. Additionally, he attempts to convince Chase and Savannah to leave but they insist on staying for Grayson’s special day.

Todd is reluctant to go to London with his children, but he perseveres when asked to visit the Korean War Memorial by his wife Julie, daughter Savannah and son Chase.

After the Chrisleys return home, Todd shares an emotional conversation with Julie about her five year breast cancer diagnosis. He’s relieved to know she is still in remission, but Julie worries about her upcoming annual exam.

Todd is determined to assist his daughter and son-in-law Lindsie and Will with their divorce proceedings, yet he’s having difficulty bringing them together. He feels disappointed that Will didn’t ask for his permission before they got married, and resentful at her choice to marry another man. Nonetheless, Todd agrees to lunch with Lindsie and Will at some point during their breakup.

5. Infinite Love (Single with Sara Evans)

Todd Chrisley is best known as the Southern dad with a sharp tongue on USA Network’s hit reality show “Chrisley Knows Best,” but before his fame, the Georgia native had an exciting life. As a self-made millionaire who made his fortune through real estate investments, Chrisley has seen both financial highs and lows.

Todd decided to put his musical abilities to the test, joining country music singer Sara Evans on a duet called “Infinite Love.” Released digitally to all retailers in June, the song quickly rose into the Top 10 on iTunes Country Singles Chart.

Sara and Shane Stevens have collaborated on numerous projects, but this marks their first joint duet effort. The song was composed by Shane Stevens – a longtime Sara co-writer.

This track is an exemplary showcase of Evans’ traditional country sound and she does an admirable job of showcasing Patty Loveless’ influence on her vocal style.

Her music has been inspired by honky tonk and neotraditional country, but she also enjoys writing softer songs with more pop influences. Her albums Born to Fly (2000), Restless (2003) and Real Fine Place (2005) all sold over one million copies worldwide.

She has earned several accolades for her work, including Female Vocalist of the Year from Country Music Association and Single of the Year from Academy of Country Music. In 2014, Slow Me Down marked her most recent album release.

In addition to her singing career, Savannah Chrisley is also a mother of three and has extensive experience in the business world. Additionally, she hosts her own podcast that she co-hosts with Savannah Chrisley, her daughter.

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