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What Watch Does John Wick Wear?

John Wick’s signature suit design remains unchanged throughout every episode. It has become one of the most stylish pieces of tailoring on television and in movies alike.

Luca Mosca is the mastermind behind these exquisitely tailored suits, which are not only stylish but iconic as well. We spoke to him about his progress with each John Wick suit in three installments so far and learned some of his tricks of the trade.

The Manero AutoDate

John Wick always wears the Manero AutoDate watch in all of his movies, and it’s a good choice. Inspired by classic dress watches from the ’60s, this timepiece provides all essential information at a glance – including time and date – with its large display.

It features a black alligator strap to give it an ultra-classy and elegant appearance. It boasts a 38mm stainless steel case with white dial and sapphire crystal protection from scratches. The caseback reveals an automatic movement with 38h power reserve as well as water-resistant capabilities up to 30m.

In the first two installments of John Wick trilogy, Reeves donned a Manero AutoDate watch on his wrist. Its delicate yet sophisticated look made it the ideal accompaniment to formal wear such as tuxedos or black tie suits.

At the John Wick Chapter 2 premiere in Los Angeles, Keanu Reeves donned a Manero AutoDate watch with a black strap. He was joined by co-stars Ian McShane, Bridget Moynahan, Ruby Rose and rapper Common who all donned similar watches.

Chad Stahelski, director and brand ambassador, donned the same watch as Reeves during the movie premiere. Additionally, he donned a black version of Manero AutoDate for John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum movie.

The Manero AutoDate is an incredibly versatile watch, suitable for wearing with any ensemble. Its white dial and silver hands look elegant enough with tuxedos or dresses, yet it also looks great paired with jeans or casual shorts.

This 38mm stainless steel watch is water-resistant to 30m and features a sapphire crystal for viewing all parts of the watch from behind. Plus, there’s an ample date window at 3 o’clock so that you never miss a deadline.

Furthermore, it features a 42-hour power reserve and 25 jewels – guaranteeing superior quality that will last you for an extended period.

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum saw Halle Berry wear her diamond-bezel Manero Peripheral watch, further increasing its fame. She exuded femininity while still maintaining power with this stylish accessory.

The Patravi ChronoGrade

In the film, contract killer and car enthusiast John Wick (Keanu Reeves) regularly checks his watch to stay on schedule for his next mission. Although it’s a simple device, it serves as a subtle reminder that John Wick is an assassin who values style above all else.

On May 9, Carl F. Bucherer, of Lucerne, Switzerland, was proud to support director and long-term brand ambassador Chad Stahelski at the global premiere of John Wick Chapter 3 in New York City. Many stars donned watches designed specifically for them by the company – whether steel with a white dial or rose gold – which complemented their roles perfectly.

When a contract killer is always on the go, his watch is essential to his life. That’s why many characters in John Wick movies wear silver-faced Carl F. Bucherer Patravi Peripherals – including the notorious Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne).

These timepieces are renowned for their superior craftsmanship and impressive functions, making them the ideal choice for action heroes who want to stand out from the rest. The Patravi ChronoGrade is the latest addition to this lineup, offering a host of useful complications in an elegant case.

This watch features a chronograph with flyback, large date display, annual calendar, bidirectional power reserve indication and retrograde hours counter. The latter is particularly unique in the world of watches; after each rotation of the central chronograph hand at 9 o’clock, minutes counter at that location jumps to the next graduation mark.

The Patravi ChronoGrade relies on an ETA 2892-A2 caliber for all its functions, providing 28,800 vibrations per hour and 51 jewels. Plus, with its 42-hour power reserve, this watch is perfect for the most discriminating of men and women who seek perfection in everything they do.

It’s worth noting that the Patravi ChronoGrade is one of the most affordable time zone watches available, with prices starting under five figures. Furthermore, this model comes in various materials for added versatility and value – ideal for budget-minded consumers.

The Patravi Travel Tech II

Keanu Reeves wears a Patravi Travel Tech II watch in the new John Wick sequel, worn by Chad Stahelski. This 47mm stainless steel model with black dial can be purchased second hand on the secondhand market for $8000 USD.

Traveling often? Time zone watches can be invaluable tools in keeping track of time. They make it much simpler to remember which time zone you are in when juggling flight schedules or conference calls across continents.

When I first encountered the Patravi Travel Tech II, I was instantly taken aback. Its in-house caliber 1901.1 watch boasted incredible detail and multi-timezone functionality in an impressive 47mm case – it might sound over the top for some, but this watch should be appreciated by any serious watch enthusiast looking for something truly exceptional in their collection.

This watch boasts three complications – a chronograph, GMT function and date window – all in one functional unit. Plus, it has an unusual feature not seen on other watches of its size: a side-mounted sapphire glass window that displays the built-in complication.

This is a clever way to display three time zones simultaneously, making it simple to read the time even when you’re out and about. The watch features a monopusher that allows for effortless switching between East and West travel directions while the date display can move forward or backward when changing the time zone.

The Patravi Travel Tech II is an ideal timepiece to wear on-the-go and perfect for people who travel frequently. It’s versatile enough to take with you on business trips or when flying across different time zones – perfect if your watch can keep track of three time zones!

The Patravi Travel Tech II is designed by legendary Swiss watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer, who has been in business for over a century. Still family-owned, their Patravi collection is the latest addition to their renowned line of luxury watches. Their reputation for crafting high quality watches speaks for itself – you won’t find another brand quite like them anywhere!

The Patravi ScubaTec

The world beneath the sea is truly captivating, from majestic reefs to an array of aquatic plants and animals – it offers some of mankind’s most captivating and unforgettable adventures. The Patravi ScubaTec watch pays homage to these vast oceans and their diverse ecosystems; a tribute both to those who explore them and those who don’t.

In 2014, the first edition of John Wick movie series hit theaters and featured luxury watches from Carl F. Bucherer that were worn by star Keanu Reeves (Keanu), who played the title character. Furthermore, Carl F. Bucherer partnered with director Chad Stahelski to give a gift to all cast and crew members involved in production – an experience they will never forget!

Reeves and other stars from the franchise, such as Common (playing Cassian) and Ian McShane (playing Winston), all donned Carl F. Bucherer timepieces on set; these included Manero AutoDate and Patravi ScubaTec models.

In addition to supporting John Wick movies, the brand has also supported numerous projects to protect oceans and their inhabitants. Its most significant collaboration is with Manta Trust – a foundation dedicated to conserving endangered manta rays and their ecosystems.

Due to this commitment, Carl F. Bucherer often releases models of its Patravi ScubaTec watches with a portion of proceeds donated to the Manta Trust. It’s an inspiring demonstration of their corporate social responsibility and Sascha Moeri – CEO – noted that wearing such an impressive watch from one of Switzerland’s premier luxury watch manufacturers is an incredible way to show your support for this worthwhile cause.

When the sequel to 2014’s blockbuster opens in February, you might get to see some familiar faces wearing Carl F. Bucherer watches as they reprise their roles as John Wick, Cassian and Winston in the latest installment of the popular Hollywood action series.

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