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What’s a Siren in Wednesday’s World?

Sirens are mythical creatures often associated with mermaids, yet they possess unique powers. Not only can they hypnotize people and manipulate their emotions, but they are also far more dangerous.

They are powerful beings that can take on a human appearance when on land, but have mermaid-like tails when underwater.

Sirens are Outcasts

Sirens are an outcast species in Wednesday’s world, along with psychics, werewolves and gorgons. While their appearances differ, they all share certain characteristics.

Sirens have their roots in Greek mythology and have been depicted in numerous artworks, films, and media. Legend has it that sirens lure sailors into the water with their seductive songs only to take them away by drowning.

They can take on both human and mermaid-like appearances depending on how they approach their victim. Furthermore, they possess the power to manipulate feelings of love.

Their power lies in hypnotic suggestion, which they use to motivate people and animals into doing what they desire. This can be done through music or by reading people’s minds and taking advantage of their vulnerabilities.

These creatures were once companions of Persephone but failed to prevent her rape by Hades, leading them to be considered outcasts in modern society. While they can be found throughout literature, art, and media works, their popularity tends to be less widespread than mermaids.

At least some sources indicate sirens live on islands near Scylla, which was said to be their birthplace. Homer’s “Odyssey” describes them as inhabiting an island called Sirenum scopuli where they sing captivating melodies that draw people into the water.

Sirens were also believed to possess the power of prediction, often making false promises to their victims. This accounts for why sirens are often depicted as a dark and evil species.

Wednesday’s world is home to the “Scales,” one of three main monster cliques at Nevermore Academy alongside Fangs (vampires), Furs (werewolves) and Stoners (gorgons).

On Wednesdays, Bianca Barclay is their leader, commonly referred to as “queen bee.” She uses her powers for good; for instance, trying to hypnotize Xavier. Additionally, she attempts to use them against others to get out of trouble or manipulate school staff members.

At Nevermore, there are many more sirens than vampires or werewolves. Although they have their own names and powers that remain hidden from the rest of the students, a few characters stand out: Enid Sinclair and Ajax in particular.

They Have Hypnotic Powers

When you think of sirens in Greek mythology, you likely picture bloodthirsty female pirates who sang captivating songs to lure people into their ships. But that’s not quite accurate when it comes to Wednesday’s sirens; these aquatic creatures more closely resemble mermaids than anything else.

Sirens are a major character group in the Netflix original comedy horror series Wednesday, each possessing their own special hypnotic powers. They’re among the most powerful species at Nevermore Academy and can take on human form when on land but transform into mermaid-esque tails when submerged in water.

They possess a natural aptitude for music, which explains why they make up the majority of singing clubs and bands at school. Not only do they sing beautifully, but their hypnotic songs are truly captivating.

Their hypnotic powers can be activated by a variety of stimuli, such as touch, sound or smell. Furthermore, they have the capacity to manipulate other people’s thoughts and emotions.

The Wednesday cast features mermaid-like sirens who possess the power of persuasion and can use their hypnotic song to influence others. While this can be an effective tool, those unaware may find themselves caught in its web.

Sirens often manipulate people and their opinions, leading to some uncomfortable outcomes. For instance, Bianca (Joy Sunday) ends up losing her boyfriend Xavier when he mistrusts her hypnotic song. She eventually discovers that the power of her music is diminishing but doesn’t know why.

Though the exact cause of her behavior remains unknown, it could either be her personality or the environment at Nevermore Academy. This mystery will likely be explored further in season 2, however.

Wednesday is endowed with hypnotic powers and psychic visions of both the past and future, which she inherited from her mother Morticia Addams.

She can summon visions on demand, though she usually experiences them when something triggers her powers. Additionally, she has the unique ability to see both the future and past simultaneously through her powers – but only through their use.

They Have Mermaid-Like Appearance

Sirens are a type of outcast that can transform into either human or mermaid-like forms. They’re often depicted as beautiful and seductive creatures capable of seducing men to their doom, and they possess great power among all of the outcasts.

They possess a mermaid-like body when submerged, yet can stand on land and breathe for extended periods of time underwater. When swimming, these aquatic mammals develop a tail like that of a mermaid which helps propel themselves through the water at high speeds.

Folklore and mythology often feature sirens as mermaids; however, these creatures have distinct differences that set them apart. Although often confused with mermaids, sirens actually hold a special place in many cultures around the world.

Sirens were bird-women who lived on an isolated island and were punished by Demeter for not finding Persephone, their goddess. As punishment, Demeter gave them a curse: if anyone passed their island without seeing them, they would die.

European art evolved over centuries, and eventually transformed the siren into what we now know as a mermaid. The first record of a siren-mermaid was found in an 8th century AD book called Liberty Monstrorum which depicted her as a sea girl with a scaly fishtail on her body.

Byzantine Greek texts and art encyclopedias such as The Suda of the tenth century described a siren as half-bird with women’s faces on its body or women below with sparrow-like forms from their chest up.

However, in the 19th century, writers and artists began to depict sirens as fully human in form. This was partly due to access to stories about their powerful yet seductive natures.

It is essential to remember that sirens cannot be killed physically, unlike mermaids. Their strong hypnotic power makes their songs and traps more alluring to listeners – sometimes leading them to drown in the sea or have a shipwreck on shore.

They Can Change Between Human and Mermaid-Like Appearances

Wednesday Addams is one of the students at Nevermore Academy with a supernatural power, yet she remains relatively unknown. Sirens form part of her group and tend to go unnoticed compared to other Outcasts like vampires and werewolves.

The term “Siren” derives from the Greek seira, meaning “voice.” As such, sirens possess a powerful and seductive voice that can lure sailors into their deadly traps. This explains why Odysseus (Greek mythology’s hero) plugged his ears to drown out their captivating melody.

Though it’s highly unlikely you will ever meet a siren in person, there are some interesting facts about them to be aware of. These include their ability to transform between human and mermaid-like appearances as well as their hypnotic powers.

Sirens have an alluring voice, but they are vicious creatures that can consume victims’ souls and lead to death. That is why it’s essential to exercise caution around sirens – plus, remember that some can turn into mermaids when exposed to water.

They possess the unique ability to switch between forms quickly, as well as swimming at a much faster rate than any other species. Furthermore, they can breathe underwater for extended periods of time and possess mermaid-like tails which aid in their swimming prowess.

Although they appear to be able to switch between these different forms, the process isn’t as effortless as one might think. They must first submerge themselves in water in order to perform this transformation, and once submerged, it may take them some time before they return to their original shape.

On the premiere episode of Wednesday, Wednesday’s roommate Enid Sinclair showed her around Nevermore Academy and pointed out a group of students she suspected might be sirens. As it turned out, these were indeed sirens forming what would later become known as The Scales.

The Scales are a group of Outcasts with persuasive powers, often avoided by other students on campus. Wednesday’s roommate Enid Sinclair takes great care to warn her about them and prevent her from spending too much time with them. Furthermore, Enid is determined to help Bianca (Joy Sunday) harness her siren abilities so she can stop them from killing others.

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