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Which Friends Character Are You?

Friends is one of the most beloved shows on television. Its six main characters are universally relatable, sharing both humorous and poignant tales.

Fans of Friends are sure to know which character best represents themselves. So take this quiz and see which iconic Friends character resonates most with you!

Monica Gellar

Monica Geller was a character featured on the hit American sitcom Friends. Courteney Cox portrays her and she’s known for her cleanliness, competitive spirit and obsessive-compulsive tendencies. Monica served as Ross’ sister and Rachel Green’s best friend.

Monica is a chef by profession and is renowned for her meticulous cleanliness, competitive spirit and obsessive-compulsive tendencies. She follows strict rules and maintains high standards in all areas of life.

She is also very bossy and assertive, giving her a great deal of control over others. This makes her an ideal friend for those who like to remain in control of their environment.

Monica may be an intelligent individual, but her relationships with her friends are not always harmonious. In the early seasons of Friends, Monica experienced repeated cheating and abuse from various other characters.

Monica finally found true love with Chandler Bing, making all of the troubles she had with her friends seem insignificant compared to how content they are now together. Ultimately, Monica’s hard work and devotion to her friends ultimately won over Chandler and they went on to live a happily ever after together.

Monica is an Enneagram One personality type with a Two wing, and she possesses an intense sense of morality and ethics. She takes great pride in bringing order into her environment and is highly self-controlled and careful with her behavior; furthermore, Monica holds high standards for herself and others – making her an excellent leader and role model.

Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe Buffay, played by Lisa Kudrow in the hit comedy series Friends, is one of the most distinctive characters. She’s a free-thinker with an uncompromising sense of ethics and she’s that kind of friend who sticks by their friends no matter what happens.

But this free-thinker is also deeply complex. She comes from a troubled family background and has endured much hardship.

She lived in poverty as a teenager and had to cope with having her stepfather go to prison. Ultimately, she was reunited with her birthmother and stepfather as an adult; however, the journey towards independence wasn’t without its challenges.

She is immensely proud of her past, and doesn’t try to conceal it. When discussing her difficult childhood memories – particularly those related to the death of her mother and stepfather’s stint in jail – she isn’t afraid to speak openly.

Her story also involves an unusual education – she speaks fluent French, having learned it on the streets. Additionally, she speaks Italian which she learned through friends who taught her behind a dumpster.

Although she may be quirky, she’s an incredibly captivating character and it’s evident she was meant for the show. She provides great support to Monica, Rachel and Ross and her advice is some of the funniest in all of NBC’s shows.

She has a type 9 personality, meaning she’s highly agreeable and strives to maintain harmony within her group of friends. This drives her to strive for harmony within the group, making her one of the most supportive friends on the show. Additionally, she doesn’t enjoy fighting and enjoys making her friends laugh a lot.

Joey Tribbiani

Joey is an endearing character who sometimes exhibits naivete. He remains loyal to his friends, often being the only one who doesn’t get bored as everyone else progresses through their careers and marriages.

He is known to be a notoriously promiscuous individual, often using his signature pickup line “How you doin’?” to secure dates with attractive women. Additionally, he has been known to sleep with interns and extras on television shows.

Joey has a few notable roles as an actor, including a commercial for “Lipsstick for Men” that only aired in Japan, an infomercial for a device that lets you pour milk out of milk cartons and Over There – a movie about World War I era. Additionally, Joey starred in the short lived series Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E..

Joey usually spends his free time at home in his apartment. He enjoys watching pornographic films and the television show Baywatch. In addition, Joey enjoys playing baseball, football, basketball and hockey.

Joey is portrayed by Matt LeBlanc and is the sole main character on the show who hasn’t dated Janice (as shown in an alternate future in season 7). Additionally, he donated to a sperm bank.

Joey’s acting career wasn’t particularly fruitful during this period. His scenes on Law & Order were cut from the show, an independent film called Shutter Speed was cancelled before filming began, and a Burger King commercial failed to materialize.

Joey on the show Joey is a dimwit, however his character was originally intended to be more snarky. However, co-star Matt LeBlanc changed it so Joey appeared dumber; this was because he believed the original script didn’t work and wanted to add more humor into the series. Joey then completely dumbed down his personality for comic relief which garnered more laughs from viewers.

Ross Geller

Ross Geller has been a paleontologist living in Manhattan for over a decade. He prefers living alone so he can focus on his job, though he’s had to relocate twice due to apartment issues.

Ross is a warm and kind individual. He shows compassion towards his family members and friends alike, always striving to make them feel at home in their environment.

Ross is an enthusiastic paleontologist who finds fascination in dinosaurs and newly discovered species. He takes great pleasure in sharing his knowledge of the fossil record with others, and believes that education is key to understanding our past.

Ross may seem uncool and doesn’t fit in with his friends, but he always had a passion for his work and an impressive intellect.

Ross had an intellectual mind, but was often immature, especially in his relationship with Rachel Green. He has a tendency to be jealous and paranoid, as well as having some anger issues.

He can be prone to being a control freak. He will do things that he believes are right even when they may not be necessary, even when it could potentially backfire on him.

At the age of 12, Ross was mugged by Phoebe, who took a book from his backpack that he hadn’t had since childhood.

Monica Gellar is the younger sister of Ross Geller and a chef. Over the course of the series, she has grown close to her brother, even comforting him during times when his marriages and relationships have failed.

Monica has proven her love for Ross by comforting him multiple times when his marriages or relationships have ended. Additionally, she has become a close friend to him and he considers her one of his closest confidantes.

Chandler Bing

Chandler Bing is a beloved character in the Friends series. He’s known for his quick wittedness and sarcasm, as well as an infectious sense of humor which he often uses to cope with problems and emotions.

He has been a loyal friend and supporter of Joey throughout the show, lifting him up during his professional and emotional struggles.

Chandler is not a particularly contented individual; his parents’ divorce caused him great emotional pain which has manifested as addiction and sarcasm. Furthermore, Chandler is deeply afraid of commitment.

His sarcasm helps him manage his emotions and problems, though it doesn’t solve them completely. It’s simply a way for him to keep from becoming too depressed or anxious.

His job title is IT procurement manager with the specialty “Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration”, which he despises. It’s become a running joke that no one knows what he does for a living; one episode even featured Rachel guessing “transponster” when playing charades with him.

Additionally, he is the only member of his Friends family without siblings (Ross has two sisters, Joey has seven and Monica has three). According to him, his sarcasm is an attempt to cope with the pain caused by his parents’ divorce.

He is a very sarcastic character, which is one of the reasons he’s beloved by his fans. Although he may be difficult to get along with at times, over time he grows and matures into one of the series’ most beloved characters.

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